Explanation of Services®

By: Thomas F. Love

Thomas F. Love

Tom Love has spent over 40 years teaching people how wealth works. He is a two-time presenter at the Million Dollar Round table and serves on the board of the AALU. Tom is a Mentor and Coach to a group of individuals all across the county. A main focus of Tom’s is showing professionals how to utilize the E.O.S. showing individuals that what you say is more important than having someone to say it to. 

Find your WHY

The purpose of the Explanation of Services® is two fold: One is to quickly identify those people who believe what we believe and the second, which I believe to be just as important, is to identify those people who would have normally wasted our time. When would you want to know you are dealing with a good prospect, 10 seconds, 10 minutes or 10 weeks. 

Explanation of Services® Video Course


The Breakaway League is an elite group of agents who teach financial advisors the truth about how wealth works.

We challenge the conventional wisdom of financial institutions because we believe traditional methods just don’t work. We teach financial advisors to maximize their clients’ assets by creating custom distribution strategies that avoid unnecessary taxation and put clients in control of their money.

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